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What does a bespoke
membership entail

Crowned by the Social Media Marketing Institute of Australia as the leading real estate portal three years in a row, our agent portal has been praised by marketing managers, principals & agents across 6 countries. 


Our agent portal first hit the Australian market on February 14th, 2020, just as Covid 19 was hitting our shores. With so many forced to work from home & lack of support within an office environment, we were able to help agents work remotely, while having everything they needed in the one spot. 


Two of the biggest frustrations we see are: 


  1. Not enough time to produce content or keep it up to date, relevant and fresh. 

  2. Keeping content on brand through the office or network. 


We have taken all that away so our members can get on with dollar producing activities while having professional graphic designers and content creators providing the latest content. 

We have a range of different options to suit everyone. 


  • Those who are well versed when it comes to creating content, but just need some guidance, inspiration or someone to help keep them up to date with what’s happening in the social/digital world. 

  • Those who have the time & ability to put their strategy in place, however struggle with constantly coming up with ideas, or offices dealing with brand compliance. 

  • Those who like a set and forget approach. Leave everything to us and we will create your content, publish it on your behalf and monitor your pages.

  • All of the above, plus the ability to run lead generation ads and brand awareness ads. 

Our online shop is available with items such as settlement gifts & other products that are available at an exclusive Bespoke Media Price. You can learn how the bottle of bubbly can be fraught with danger in our Study Hall. So, we have a wide range of selected gifts, to leave an item of permanence with your clients. 

member lounge

Have you got your content sorted but just need the training & guidance to help you make the most out of your strategy?

Our Member Lounge is a mix of video training content, articles and downloads that you can print out and use in the field.

Covering topics such as:


  • How TIkTok can win you a listing

  • How LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms & what you should do differently

  • The five times you should be promoting a listing during a campaign & why

  • The Psychology behind social media marketing - understanding your audience

  • What a settlement gift says about you

  • How to use your CRM in target social media ads for maximum results

  • What are the top social media trends for 2022

  • How to make the most out of Facebook lives

  • The legalities around posting on social media

  • What real estate agents can learn from McDonalds

  • How to get seller leads for less than a cup of coffee

  • How to build an online brand

  • How to get your social media working for you

  • Why social media is the new shopfront

  • The Tech that is changing the way we do things

  • How to win a listing for $0

  • Ready made social media results for your listing presentation kit

  • Your complete guide to Instagram success


content & marketing

Our portal has been designed with our 50 years (collectively) experience in the industry working in all aspects of the business.

We know the industry intimately, we know the legislation, we know what your competitors are doing and we know how to do it better. 


Never worry about content again with our Pre - Made templates which are custom made or getting your brand out there with our advertising options. 


👉 Property marketing promotion - the ability to purchase social media ads

👉 Agent promotion - the ability to purchase social media ads

👉 Agent promotion - the ability to purchase social media ads

👉 Buyer promotion - the ability to purchase social media ads

👉 Lead generation - the ability to purchase social media lead gen campaigns

👉 Ready made, editable property marketing social media templates 

👉 Ready made, editable agent marketing templates (brand compliant)

👉 Ready made, editable newsletters (brand compliant)

👉 Ready made buyer guide booklet, editable (brand compliant)

👉 Listing presentation collateral

👉 Pre-written emails for any occasion

👉 Over 200 current, proven hashtags that work

👉 A 12 month marketing calendar

👉 Over 100 engaging content ideas

👉 Admin & useful apps

👉 Property listing templates - editable

👉 Property quotes - editable

👉 Buyer & seller tips - editable

👉 Real estate term explained - editable

👉 Prospecting letters - editable

👉 DL cards - editable

👉 Open home marketing - editable





Our packages are exclusive to ONE AGENCY members.

Contact Nic Fren on 0434 527 673 or for more information. 

Check our out subscriptions here
Pricing & Plans - become a bespoke member here

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